3rd Prenatal Visit on 7th Mar 2009

For the past weeks, my appetite had become better. Still feeling tired and sleeping not well. Though still feel nausea, I could replace the feeling by eating. I liked anything about potatoes at that time. From chips to fries to potatoes boiled in soup. I could keep munching anything that’s potatoes.

My weight had increased to 40kg. When we saw the Gynae, his first question was whether we want to know the gender of the baby. We told him “Yes!”

That’s the scan:
[singlepic id=995 w=320 h=240 float=center]

He pointed out that the baby is a girl. But both hubby and I didn’t know how to see from the scan. When I knew I was pregnant, I was hoping that I could have a baby boy so that the boys could play together the “boys’ games”. However, 1 week before I went for the scan, I suddenly hoped that I would be having a baby girl instead. Not sure of the reason for my sudden change of mind probably deep down inside I knew that I would be expecting a baby girl.

It’s time for me to look for baby names starting with “A” and to search for baby girl’s clothes. Had never expected that I will get pregnant again that I had actually given away the baby clothes when the kids outgrown them.

The next visit will be going for the Fetal Assessment Scan.

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3 comments on “3rd Prenatal Visit on 7th Mar 2009”

  1. I discovered i was discovered when i was 5 week pregnant and started taking supplements. My 4th visit to Gynae, the variuos kind of supplements i took increase. They are calcium, iron, folic acd, fish oil and daily supplement. Now my 15th week of pregnancy, i am quite tired of eating the supplement, it also make me want to vomit more...
    However, seem these supplement are suppose to be good & recommended by my gynae, i think for the sake of my baby, i have to complete. =)

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