11th Prenatal Visit on 8th August 2009

Approximately 38 weeks pregnant and it’s my 11th visit to the gynae. I had gained another 1kg within the 1 week. Current weight is 53.4kg. With the baby putting on weight, it’s getting more tiring to carry the baby around. Hubby asked about the weight of the baby but Dr Chan say can’t tell. Have to wait till the baby’s out then will know.

Everyone is saying my tummy had gone down already. Now, only waiting for the baby to come out but it seems that she is enjoying herself in the womb that she doesn’t want to come out till full term. But mummy wished that she could come out anytime. Hehe

I had also packed the bag to be brought along to the hospital. Inside the bag are 2 sets of clothes for my stay in the hospital. Not bringing any extra toiletries as they did provide it in the hospital. Not forgetting the camera to be charged and had to remind myself to bring along the phone charger as I knew that the phone would be busy.

We had finally settled on the name and well I would disclose the name and the meaning of the name when the baby is out. keke

Next visit to the gynae will be 1 week later but I hope that I could see the gynae at the hospital this week instead at the clinic. hehe

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