Understanding Vs Application

This instalment is a continuation of the previous post which I highlighted the difference between knowing the meaning and understanding it.

Let me delved a bit deeper into the understanding part. One important aspect which I failed to mention the last time round was that there is another deeper level of perception to the whole concept, the application part.

Let me asked you a very simple hypothetical question. How many of you have actually tried to learn a second language but failed to master it even though you learn by heart all the words' meanings, how each sentence is structure, etc. Have you ever wonder why? You have spent a great amount of time and effort into learning and understanding the basics but yet failed to master it.

The answer is very simple, because you failed to apply it consistently in a correct manner. As regards to the mastery of a language, you need to pluck up the courage and go round to speak to people who are natives’ speakers as often as you can. And by doing that you are consistently practising what you have learn and along the way if mistakes are made, you would be able to correct it. If you don't practise what you have learn, sooner or later all these efforts in learning the basics will go down the drain in vain.

Sounds familiar right!

Well, the same thing goes for everything in life, it's no use understanding the basics or even the more detailed stuff. Just get your butt off the ground and really start doing it.

So do you really understand what I meant! If so, may I know why are you still here!!! Go and start planning all the stuff you want to do and really start doing it.

Don't procrastinate!

Alright! Alright! Why are you still here, my dear friends? Time won't wait for you.


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