In Pursuit Of Happyness

Life is strangely muted these couple of weeks. Normally I would be so busy and time passed by so fast that I would lose touch of dates and time. I found myself unable to connect with a lot of things in my life such is my busy schedule. Sometimes, I missed having a bit of fun in my life and missed those carefree times when life is so much simpler.

A couple of events make me realized that I should spent more time with my loved ones and learn to appreciate them more.

First, the recent death of my wife's grandma brings back memories of my dad who passed away a couple of years back. Although I'm not that familiar with my wife's grandma, her death did touch a raw nerve in me and make me lapse into a period of self reflection.

Next event that arouse such strong emotions in me is the death of my uncle a couple of days back. I stayed with my aunt and uncle for a couple of years in the past and was very close to them. The news on the death of my uncle was harder to take this time round. Even though my uncle was suffering from prostrate cancer for the last few years and his passing was imminent, his death still shocks us.

Today, we just sent him off. It was a solemn affair at the Mandai Columbarium with everyone in attendance looking somber. Even though my aunt and cousins seem to be able to take things in strides, their teary and swollen red eyes betrayed the grief and sadness they are experiencing especially when my uncle's coffin was pushed out for the final time.

Looking back, I realized that kinships and friendships are so important to us yet we rarely take the time to appreciate and enjoy the company of family and friends until it's too late. While the pursuit for successes and achievements are inevitable, sometimes I wonder whether we should find time to enjoy the little things in life. Maybe, we should pursue happyness instead.

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3 comments on “In Pursuit Of Happyness”

  1. Thanks Jazzmint and Eileen.

    Life and death are inevitable but just make sure there are no regrets in life.

    Life is short, you need to learn how to work hard and play hard too. I've yet to reach this stage, now only hard work. 🙁

    I really admire those who can manage their time so well that they can have the best of both worlds.

    Guess I really have to buck up on that! 🙂

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