Upgrading of WordPress

I didn't know that I had to do upgrading frequently. I thought that I could just use what we had to maintain our site. However, 2 days back when I went online to check our blog, "Account suspended!" was all I saw!

I panicked and woke hubby from his nap to fix the problem. After chatting with the support center online, I was to know that our website was spammed and that I actually had to upgrade the WordPress regularly so as to prevent spams.

I learnt my lessons. Spent the whole day on National Day backup my files and database before upgrading. Had upgraded the WordPress now but seems like some of the plugins are not working. 🙁

Maybe its a good idea to upgrade the plugins too. Humpz... So if you do find our site a bit 'weird', do bear with me. Cos' I am in the midst of upgrading. Hehe

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5 comments on “Upgrading of WordPress”

  1. o came by and thought u atopped blogging then...thus i came back only today to try my luck! 🙂 It works well for me 🙂

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