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Thanks LZmommy for the tag. Haven't done tag since long long ago. And yap, was really happy to get this tag. Hehe. Take this opportunity to appeal for more tags. keke

Where is your cell phone? On the study table
Relationship? Married with 2 kids.
Your hair? Shoulder Length
Work? FTWM
Your sister? I have 1 sister
Your favorite thing? Reading
Your dream last night? I couldn't remember it
Your favorite drink? Water
Your dream car? Don't know about cars
The room you’re in? Bedroom cum studyroom
Your shoes? Not wearing shoes now
Your fears? Lightning, supernatural thing, anything that is creepy to me
What do you want to be in 10 years? Not working and be a SAHM
Who did you hang out with this weekend? My family, bringing Amilie to see Hi5 this Sunday
What are you not good at? Speaking out
Muffin? Eat occasionally
One of your wish list items? A holiday trip
Where you grew up? Singapore
Last thing you did? Chatting with hubby bout the kids
What are you wearing? T-shirt and shorts
What aren’t you wearing? My wedding ring
Your pet? Fishes
Your computer? Compaq
Your life? Happy
Your mood? Happy
Missing? Daddy at work
What are you thinking about right now? Whether to do my work or not
Your car? No car
Your kitchen? A lot of things
Your summer? Hot
Your favorite color? Blue
Last time you laughed? Just now when the kids laugh
Last time you cried? Recently to release stress
School? Local school
Love? Family

Ok, hope that you have not done the tag Idy and Kelly

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9 comments on “Tag: One Word/Sentence”

  1. Huisia - Thanks sssooooooooo much for the tag. 🙂

    eastcoastlife - We had lotsa of fun. Especially Amilie. 🙂

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