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You Are 39{7ea3012a3fe9a8f6feb351cee9b24ae0111ecfcefe6ccc6089ac9e077d995783} Vain

Okay, so you're slightly vain from time to time, but you're not superficial at all.
You are realistic. You know that looks matter. You just try to make them matter less.

Tagged by Idy. Know that I am late, sorry ladies and gentlemen. Would try to catch up with the tags. But if I had accidentally missed out any tags, so so sorry. Hehe

Ok, here's my tag:

1. I don't put on makeup. I am afraid to 'mess up' my face if I didn't clean probably. So I don't bother to understand cosmetics.

2. I try to apply Hazeline Snow every night. But sometimes I am just lazy to do so. Whenever a pimple is going to pop-up. I would definitely apply it.

3. I think its a necessity to do facial once a month.

4. I apply whitening lotion every night cos' I like my skin color to be 'whiter'

5. I don't go out meet friends with my specs, I would definitely wear contact lenses.

6. I love accessories like earrings or necklace. When I am in the mood, I would definitely wear accessories. Sometimes even bracelets.

7. I like to spent time bathing. Slowly enjoying the bath.

Phew! Finally finished this homework. Not going to tag anyone this time round. 🙂

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  1. I have been trying to buy Hazeline snow cream. Could you please tell me where to get in Kuala Lumpur? Thanks and regards

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