Tag: 10 Things I Hate Abt My Hubby

Tagged by Huisia & LZMummy. Hmm... when I saw Huisia's tag, I was still thinking of 10 things? That's a bit too much for me. I had a hard time thinking of what to add in the list. Thanks to hubby for contributing by irritating me. Humpz! πŸ˜‰ Here goes:

1. The very 1st that cross my mind without thinking too hard. He farts a lot & aloud. Always tell me 'chou pi bu xiang, xiang pi bu chou' but Dear, yours is 'you xiang you chouΒ­' πŸ˜› (It seems that my kids had this traits too. Argh!)

2. He snores very loud (I think I am getting used to it already as I am able to sleep through the night πŸ˜‰ )

3. He always leave the hanger in the cupboard after he changed into the clothes (I always told him to put it in the kitchen so that the maid can hang the clothes. Men!)

4. He doesn't change the water of the aquarium regularly (which he promises to before we got the aquarium)

5. Watching soccer = Can't hear wife talking (I have to repeat a few times before he heard me)

6. He likes to left things at where he last left it. Think he got problem remembering where's the original place. πŸ˜‰

7. He is too focus with his laptop that he couldn't hear me.

8. The way he keep things is to stack them up with another stack. (Mountain of books)

9. He nagged at me when I sleep too late.

10. He said he wanted to slim down within 6 months but 2 months passed.... (But I got some favors if he didn't make it keke )

I'm not going to tag any1 cos' I think most of them had done it already.

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3 comments on “Tag: 10 Things I Hate Abt My Hubby”

  1. which reminds me....our aquarium was in such a deplorable state when cairo was born cos i had c-section n couldnt clean d tank, i decided to give them all away b4 we become fish killers la πŸ™

    d darn thing was i have fish phobia, set up the tank to help hb relax but he never go near it :s

    should have been 20 things i hate instead of just 10.... d more i read d more they sound familiar hahaha

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