Short term memory?

Well, seven months after giving birth to Brother Tang, I am worried! For my short term memory! (I am sure I wasn't suffering with any memory problem after Sister Tang) Guess it started few weeks back but nowadays got a feeling that it's getting worse. I can forget what I was chatting about after being interrupted & forget all those small small details.

Out of curiousity & yup depressed over my memory loss , I searched the net to find out whether pregnancy do affect my memory. keke... Seems like a lot of mummies are having the same problem. (I am normal! hehe)

One report says :- the experience of memory loss is probably, in part, down to the increased psychological stresses of being pregnant. And that this may have some biological underpinnings, because the two main hormones produced in pregnancy are known to have effects on memory. But, studies also show that only certain kinds of memory seem to be affected - working memory and recall (the latter is the part that helps us find names, dates, shopping lists etc).

Found 1 remedy (Kiasu abit), not sure it works......

Home Remedy for Weak Memory
Soak 7 almonds overnight. Peel and grind to a paste. Mix in 1 glass milk. Simmer for some time. Drink while still warm for 15 to 40 days.

Tomorrow, I am going to buy almonds & milk. 😉

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