Mama Tang's Birthday on 19th March 2009

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This year’s birthday celebration was a quiet one for me. As I was not really physically energetic to walk about, we decided to go out awhile. The only thing that I wanted to do for this year’s birthday was to take neoprints together. Loved taking neoprints as I think it’s one way of keeping memories on special occasions.

Early in the morning, we brought the kids to pray at the temple, after the praying, we went to Bugis to take the neoprints. That’s the only place we knew that had neoprints machines. We took 2 sets of neoprints and had fun posing at the machines.

Here’s one of the neoprints we took.
Neoprint Taken @ Bugis

After taking the neoprint, we bought some snacks and ate by the Singapore River. The kids enjoyed running around and posing for picture taking. Sometimes it's good for them to run about under the sun.
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They had an enjoyable time taking pictures at the colorful bridge while I rest on the bench.
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After taking pictures and eating the snacks, we decided to set off for home as I was really tired.

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