Maid Nightmare

It's been awhile since we've update our blog. We are currently trying to adapt to our life without our maid for 2 years while waiting for the replacement of our new maid to come in.

After our maid told us she couldn't renew her contract with us as she wanted to go back home, we had went searching through the database online. We managed to had the new maid we selected to come in 2 days after our first maid left for her home.

The nightmare started when the new maid came in. Well, frankly speaking, I don't think we are bad employers but we got this kind of maid.

The 3rd day the new maid came, she actually requested to bring Amilie downstairs to play. Of course, she got rejected. The 4th day, she requested to bring Izaac downstairs to play and was rejected again. We were shocked that she had this kind of request within the first few days.

After 1 week, she told us that she does not want to work at our place. Then we had no choice but to call the agency to understand what she was talking about. The agent told us that she would try to work at our place. But 1 week later, she told me that she didn't know how to take care of children and she doesn't like to take care of children.

So we decided to change the maid. During these time, before she got transfer to another employee, she still need to work at our place. And the following week, my MIL found her standing on the kitchen window grill. She told us that she wanted to take the towel at the latch of the kitchen window. Well, base on her intelligence, we did not believe that she had wanted to take the towel.

Suspect that either she wanted us to send her to the agent or she wanted to shun off her work. That's what I had observe for her 3 weeks stay.

Anyway, we decided to send the maid to the agency and currently, we had to wait 3 weeks before our next maid come in. Pray hard that the next maid would be better.

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