I need oxygen!!!

That's what I know from the eye specialist. The little drama started on Monday when I realized that my left eye’s vision was blur and there’s redness in the eye. Went to the doctor to check on my eye after my work (Yes! I waited till my work finished for the day). And I was referred to SGH immediately.

So off we went the A&E at the hospital that evening. Went to the foodcourt for my dinner (I hadn't eaten my dinner yet). Waiting time was not very long and was checked by a hostile doctor. 😛 Waited a while before I got to see the eye specialist.

The eye specialist told me that my blurry left eye was due the lack of oxygen passing through the cornea. This caused was due to the long period of wearing contact lenses. Was prescribed with medicine for the eye and told to put eye drops every hour as my eye is dry.

Went to review my eye today and was told by the specialist that this vision would take 1 to 2 weeks to clear off. And till then, no contact lenses for me. *Sob* ?

So now I am on medical leave and using the internet (for awhile) 😉

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6 comments on “I need oxygen!!!”

  1. ur eyes are 'fighting' for a holiday break..so give it to them. resist temptation of the pc these few days and let it rest well. =)

  2. When i was wearing contact lens, i wld not wear for more than 10hours. So i would always have my glasses and solutions if i expected a long day outside. weekends no contact lens for me too. then one fine day, i plucked up all my courage and did lasik. YOOOHOOOO~~~~!!!! it solves all my problem~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!

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