Height Measuring

I had wanted to buy one cute measuring ruler to paste on the wall so that I could record the height of the 2 kids.

Everytime I wanted to buy, I would think that the kids would spoil the measuring ruler. In the end, I didn't buy any height measuring ruler.

Recently, wanted to find out what's the height of Amilie. She seems tall and not sure whether is she still entitled for free transport rides. On impulse, I took a pencil and a ruler and marked both the kids height on the wall.

And using a measuring tape to measure their height. Quite surprised of both of their height.

Amilie was 94.5cm while Izaac was 81.5cm. Amilie's height had exceeded the maximum height for taking the MRT but luckily most of the time we would be taking bus, which was 120cm. LUCKY!! 🙂

I was surprised that both their height difference was just 13cm apart. How fast they had grown. Think 1 day I should weigh them and see how much they had grown too. 😉

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5 comments on “Height Measuring”

  1. There are some nice height charts around. it will be nice to have one in your house and mark down the measurement of the children on it!

  2. hey, get those thick cardboard ones....stick 3m mounting tape on them...very stick, doubt the kids would be able to tear them out becos it's one whole long piece. Too huge for them to attack.

    My kids, 17 months apart but height difference only 10cm and weight difference about 1kg....

  3. Mark the name, date, the height and weight of the child on the chart. It will be good to look back at it when they are all grown up!

  4. Haha! Thanks for the advice. Think I would write down on the wall like what LZmommy did. 😉

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