Haircut Day

Finally decided to bring the little kids for haircut. Since I was going to pick up my lenses which I brought for servicing, I decided to bring them to the salon at Clementi.

Here's Amilie before she cut her fringe.

I did ask the lady to trim her long hair. They were amazed at her long hair. I had kept her hair long since her one month haircut. MIL kept hinting to have her hair trim short but I don't want because I think Amilie look nicer and she would be cooler if we tied up her hair. Anyway that's my reason for keeping her hair long. hehe

Regarding Izaac's haircut, I am still very surprised how different he look with every new haircut.

After the haircut, I had to distract him a bit from the buzzing sound of the razor. And finally after the haircut, a very neat and clean Izaac

Here's the best shot I could get Izaac on camera. He wasn't much interested in taking pictures or so 'sensitive' to the camera.

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6 comments on “Haircut Day”

  1. Haha thats the power of sweet. Oh! I didn't bring them to the barber. Guess other then PapaTang, Izaac is afraid of other guys.

  2. Haircut~~~ i am waiting for THE DAY i can put a hair clip on my girl's head! i am so envious of your girl's long and silky hair!

  3. Angie, probably by then you would have headache whether to cut it short or let it grow because of the warm weather.

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