Just started to play with scrapbooking few days back. I was doing scrapbooking using Amilie's baby photos in the meantime tidying up all the photos in the computer.

Amilie happened to be around when I was viewing this picture:

[singlepic id=3 w=320 h=240 float=center]
It's not the first time she saw this picture and I knew she didn't recognise me in the picture. 🙂

Still remember the first time she saw this picture

A (Pointing to hubby): Papa!
Seeing that she only called out my hubby, I pointed to my picture and ask her who is that
She paused there for quite a while and didn't reply me

Few days back, Amilie saw the same picture again. Same as the first time she saw this picture, she pointed out to hubby and said "Papa". So out of curiosity, I pointed to the baby (Amilie) and she replied, "Baby". Next, I point to myself, "Auntie" was her reply! Well, for some of you, you would know I do dislike being called Auntie! Sob! Sob! Imagine being called Auntie by your daughter! It's absolutely depressing! Okay, a bit exaggerating but haiz... am I that old???

Think I have to 'brainwash' my daughter on that photo. Hmmph! 😛

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6 comments on “Auntie?”

  1. well, as you know, the look after delivery can be quite deceiving from what you look like now. That time, maybe more bloated and now slimmer so don't think she can tell now tho.

    no worries... you are not that old 🙂 which gynae u seeing at TMC? I delivered Grace at TMC too 🙂

  2. This is my 1st time seeing you and your hubby!

    I'm sure my kids will say the same thing too if they see my pic after I delivered them so don't be upset ya... And you don't look old 🙂

  3. Jean, my gynae is from Singapore Women's Clinic. Just that I chose to deliver there. 🙂

    LZmommy, hehe, there's more of our pics at the photo gallery. This picture not nice lah.....

    Haha, so i feel more relieve, Cutieprincessmummy, cause at least auntie ah. Haha! 🙂

  4. Already got anak jadi Auntie lorrrr.... everybody same here, nce got anak already, straight away naik pangkat. 😛

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