7th Anniversary

23rd November is our 7th anniversary together. Every year, I would request to take neoprints on this special day and this year is also no different. The only difference is that this year we brought along the kids to take neoprints with us.

Amilie had taken neoprints a few times before so she knew she was going to take pictures when she saw the machines. That's the first time that Izaac took neoprints and he was just as excited as Amilie (he always followed Amilie's action).

That's how we spent our anniversary for this year. I still remembered for the first year anniversary, I gave hubby a CD with some songs which I liked.

Below is a list of songs which I gave to him:
1. Cradle by Atomic Kitten
2. (Qing Fei De Yi) by Harlem Yu
3. (Xing Qing) by Jay Chou
4. (You Yuan Qian Li) by Sun Yao Wei & Noriko Sakai
5. (Xu Yuan) by Leo Ku & Gigi Leong
6. (Zhen Xin Hua) by Peter Ho
7. (Zhen De Xiang Ni) by Alex Toh & Shun Zi
8. Forever by Damage
9. First Love by Utada Hikaru
10. How Did I Fall In Love With You by Backstreet Boys
11. Falling For You in Para Para Sakura OST

Guess it's good to watch the romance movie, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, which will be opening on 11th Dec!

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2 comments on “7th Anniversary”

  1. Happy 7th anniversary....what a nice photo.... ur hubby so sporting la ....by looking at the photo will know he is a fun guy .. ya

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