We found our way! Yippee!

Often, we have trouble telling Izaac on not doing the things that he wasn't suppose to do. Like touching the buttons of the fans, opening the cupboard etc.. We had the habit of saying "No" whenever he did something which he wasn't supposed to do. And he persisted in doing it despite warnings from us...

Recently, hubby thought of using another method. He tried not to use the word "NO" and just let him open the cupboard, or playing with the telephone.

Miraculously, it worked! He stopped playing awhile! He pushed back the cupboard! That's amazing, isn't it?

So our conclusion is the little kid is seeking attention in a different way. Now, the next step is probably to not make any sound when he climb up the chair or table. I got a feeling that he would not do that if nobody make a fuss of his climbing acts. (Of course, have to keep a close watch though, in case he lose his steps and fell off. 🙂 )

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