Tyrant at home, Mousie at playground

As I was saying about how Izaac jumped, ran, sometimes fight with Amilie, how he pinched and bit us. He was totally different when he went to the playground. Or probably some unfamiliar places.

We brought them to Tiong Bahru Park recently. And Izaac went there the first time and probably didn't come across walking on sand before. He was quite afraid to walk on unfamiliar grounds and wanted to carry him instead and refused to come down and walk by himself.

Had a hard time persuading him.

As we climbed up the stairs, (I had to let him see Amilie climbed the stairs) and he needed a lot of encouragement and of I climbed up with him to the slides. Surprisingly, he didn't enjoy the slides as much as Amilie enjoyed. At first, I slided down with him, then after a few times, we let him sat on the slide by himself and he refuses to slide down. (I was amazed of his strength to hold on to the sides to prevent him from sliding down)

The only few games he enjoyed was the rocking horse (required a lot of persuasion and looking at how Amilie enjoyed the horse). Merry-go-round (surprisingly he enjoyed it) which I felt giddy after a few rounds. And the swing! (which is 1 of my favourite) 😉

Not sure whether is it because he is not use to the environment that he had such reactions, but probably think we would try to bring him out more often so that he would be able to play and not be afraid of 'unfamiliar' environment.

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2 comments on “Tyrant at home, Mousie at playground”

  1. hehe when their first time with sand they feel weird, after that they will love it or hate it

    think you are right Jazzmint, Izaac is much playing the sand the 2nd time. Phew

  2. Think you should bring him there more often 🙂 By then you will have a hard time telling him enough at the playground 🙂

    haha LZmommy, I actually experiencing it the 2nd time he play with the sand. Not sure about the slide though. Haven't put him on another one yet. 😉

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