Toys for Izaac

Most of the toys that the little Tangs have are actually passed down by relatives and coincidentally, most of the toys are those cooking sets and soft toys. Used to buy toys for Amilie and bought lesser nowadays as the house is packed with toys.

Other than the balls, which both the kids like, the kids doesn't have any toys that are more "boyish".

Once, Papa Tang, saw Izaac playing with the cooking sets with Amilie, serving the imaginery food to the table and keke he told me to remind him to buy some toys for the little Izaac. And told Izaac to play with the balls instead.

Hehe, for me, I am much particular about Izaac's clothings. I would not want to have Izaac wearing pink and I gave a lot of the pinks clothings to other relatives. (just in case I saw it on Izaac). My maid had gave him wore a pink shirt (passed down from Amilie) and since then, I am against it, it make him look like a girl. hehe

Think the next time we went shopping, we should keep a lookout for toys for Izaac.

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2 comments on “Toys for Izaac”

  1. jazzmint, hubby think that's too girly to play with, he prefer to let him play with balls and other toys.

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