Puzzling Izaac

Last year, when I bought jigsaw puzzles for the kids to play. Only Amilie was interested in fixing the puzzle and Izaac didn’t seem interested in playing with the jigsaw puzzle.

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Recently, Izaac liked playing with jigsaw puzzles a lot. And he liked companionship when playing with puzzle. Sometimes, even though he knew where the jigsaw puzzle pieces were to be fixed at, he still wanted to ask us where to fix it and told us he didn’t know where to fix it. Guess kids when they reached a certain age, they would be interested with puzzles.

Puzzles are good for stimulating their brain and I am glad that both the kids like to play jigsaw puzzles. However, the kids did have one bad habit, the jigsaw puzzles pieces went missing after a few times of fixing and keeping. Hope they would be able to keep the puzzles as a complete set and not with missing pieces.

Not only is good for stimulating brain, it also gave the kids to do together and let them understand the advantage of teamwork. As Izaac prefer companion when playing jigsaw puzzles, Amilie would be the one accompanying him to play. And the kids would finish fixing the puzzles very fast. That’s teamwork! Hope the kids would understand that.

Here's the pictures of them after fixing the puzzle.
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[singlepic id=1031 w=320 h=240 float=center]

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2 comments on “Puzzling Izaac”

  1. Hmm... I think we got them from Big Bookshop. Actually there are a lot of places do sell Huge puzzle pieces. Think should be able to play with him, it will be good for stimulating his brain.

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