Pacifier Time

As I was tidying up the photos and doing scrap-booking, I happen to saw Amilie sucking on her pacifier. I remembered that I had tried to push the pacifier in her mouth but she always pushed it out. Haha! I must have captured it immediately after I pushed it in her mouth.

As she wasn't colicky or making a fuss during the night time or any time, we decided that she can live without pacifier (Yeah! She was that good sleeper). 🙂

However, Izaac was a much fussy baby as compared to Amilie and pacifier was introduced to him... Luckily, he only need it when he sleeps, the rest of the day, he doesn't for his pacifier... Hmmm.. probably it's not a bad idea to cut off his pacifier huh? *wonder*

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6 comments on “Pacifier Time”

  1. Jazzmint, because I recently found out that he could actually fell asleep without the pacifier when he is in the car.

    Wen, actually sometimes he spit out the pacifier when he is asleep but he would look for it in the middle of his sleep.

    chanelwong, what you mean by the cutting technique?

  2. wah.. think thumb much difficult to stop right? my grandma did apply chilli sauce on my cousin's thumb before.

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