No Outing for Me?

What is siblings' rivalry? What is jealousy?

The other day, when I'm preparing to have my usual morning bath, I overheard my parents discussing their plans for the day. Normally, I do not care because most of the time they went out to have their own precious time together. I think it's perfectly fine as long as at the end of the day, most of their free time is going to be spend on pampering me.

But this time round, they are in fact planning an outing for my sis and they are all going together without me. Wah! What the heck is going on man! The last time round, they went out without me; I throw tantrums for a few weeks just to let them know who's the little boss at home. It's was so funny and interesting to see my parents and grandma struggling to keep me quiet. To think that they have learn their lessons well! Urgggg!

Just thinking of it now make my little heart ached. Why left me out? It was supposed to be a family outing, correct!

Oh no, I think I must start to formulate some plans to prevent such happenings again!

Ok, let me see:
1) Always smile at my parents!
2) Try to act as cute as possible! People like cute babies, not smart, handsome and beautiful babies and I know I'm all of these qualities and more but no choice have to act cute for the time being!
3) Try not to cry too loud in the middle of the night in the event I'm hungry!
4) Pretend to be coy at all times!
5) Make my eyes look smaller than they do so that I do not look so fierce all the time as my Mum always say. Well to tell the truth, I don't ready know how to do it.

Well, what the heck! Do you think I will stoop so low and go to such extend to get my way next time round! I believe in my charm and definitely it will be more than enough just to outdo my sis in my parent's eyes. Don't believe, you wait and see.

Mummy and Daddy! Here I come!
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