Brought the little kids for makeover. It was a 2 hr photo shoot and both the kids were being make-up and hair was nice done. They also provide the costumes for the little kids to take.

The effect of the pictures were not bad though the photo shooting was quite frustrating. With kids not really understand what the adults want. Izaac wasn't being much co-operative as he doesn't want me to be standing far from him. I have to be beside him for him to play with the toys.

Amilie wasn't smiling much. And I was quite surprise that the photographer did manage to take some very nice pictures.

Here's some of the pictures. And I couldn't help but to praise the charming Izaac and the sweet Amilie.

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9 comments on “Makeover”

  1. So cute.. Amilie was so pretty.. & izaac looks cool in the last photo.. shuai shuai de didi.. haha..

  2. From the photos, I can't tell that you had a hard time taking the kid's photos. They looked like they enjoyed taking the photos

  3. Hmm.. I could only say that the photographer is good to catch those happy moments. In fact, it was exhausting trying to make them look at the camera.

  4. heh... what a great photo shooting.. both ur kids look pretty, cute and handsome ... i like those photo .
    last ..............Happy Chinese New Year!!!
    May you have a fruitful, happy and healthy rat year.

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