Lung Infection

After the last episode of HFMD during the CNY, and the viral gastroenteritis, Izaac now is sick with bronchitis. Due to the bad weather, Izaac had been coughing for a few weeks before he break down with a fever.

His fever went up and down for a few days and it finally subsided after the 5th days. We brought him to revisit the doctor and was prescribed with another antibiotics and was told that he was having lung infection. Was given cough mixture and one medicine to 'open up the lungs' for the phlegm to be coughed out. I was told to bring Izaac to hospital if his coughing continues.

The next day, we brought Izaac to see another doctor as his coughing was still very bad and we were told by the doctor that Izaac would take 3 to 4 days to recover. Though Izaac's fever had subsided, his coughing still persisted with vomiting of the phlegm. Today's the 5 days already and Izaac is still 'chesty'. Would revisit the doctor again for review.

Hopefully, there is some good news from the doctor.

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