Loving Moments...

It's really wonderful when you see your kids loving each other. 🙂 Yesterday, I was just talking about the Barney story and this evening I got a 'bonus' from the 2 little ones. Too bad, I wasn't ready with a camera or a camcorder (couldn't bother to move myself to get the camcorder) otherwise it would be nice to play it especially when they fight. 🙂

The 2 little ones (actually it's only Amilie) were watching Barney and it happened when the show ends and Barney singing the "I Love You" song. Amilie as usual, went around hugging everyone. I find it so sweet when Amilie hugged Izaac and tried to kiss him. I can feel the gentleness when she was hugging Izaac. And Izaac giving a smile back in return. (Too bad I didn't capture it)

Back in my room, while watching TV, Amilie started 'jumping' with her knees and Izaac was watching her. Suddenly he burst our laughing. Like giggling and Amilie, encouraged by his laughter, jumped more to make her lil' bro laugh. What a scene! 🙂

It's more enjoyable when Izaac started to imitate Amilie and started jumping with her. Haha! It's fun to see 2 bubbly, happy kiddos jumping on the bed enjoying themselves. 😉

After awhile, grandmother carried Izaac out of the room and Amilie asked me for her didi. (It's the first time she asked for him, you know?) I was surprised and very very happy. 🙂

Hopefully that this kind of loving scenes would get more and more from today onwards. keke

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3 comments on “Loving Moments...”

  1. It great to know siblings loving each other. My girl always make funny faces to make his bro laugh too 🙂 U will definitely see more of this so standby your camcorder!

  2. ya, I can imagine just how your girl hug and kiss her brother even though no pictures were taken.

    No matter how hard they fight, their love for each other is far far deeper.

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