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Hi everyone,
It's been a while since I last posted, not that I like giving excuses but currently, I'm trying my darn best to crawl and sit up properly as soon as possible in order for my parents to stop comparing my Sis with me.

You see, my Sis learnt how to crawl and do all those cutesy stuff by the time she was about 8 months old and my parents are expecting more or less the same from me at this stage of time. Talk about parents' expectations and siblings' rivalry! Comparing my Sis to me is just like comparing an orange to an apple, orange is sour and makes you sicker if you are sick and apple is good to eat and helps to keep the doctor away! You get the idea! Bah!

Well, the reason why I care to take time off my vigorous exercise regime to post is the ridiculously funny incident I encountered yesterday during my checkup at this particular pediatrician at Thomson. Before I go into the actual incident, let me recap the past few days' events.

On Saturday, during my schedule injection cum injection at the local polyclinic, upon closer inspection by the nurse and doctor there, my head size according to my age was deem as abnormal by them. Oh come on, my head is too big? Well actually they are not the first nor do I think the last to comment on my big head, but "ABNORMAL". What the crap! I have a song given to me by my Mum and I do not need anyone to tell me that I have a big head but to term it as "abnormal" just give me the fits! What do you think I look like? ET?

The doctor then schedules me for further tests with a pediatrician in about 2 weeks time, which seem like light years away to my parents! Ha! My parents are so worried that they immediately booked an appointment with another pediatrician to do the test on me on Monday. Secretly inside me, I was so happy that my parents are still so concern about me. Although I knew my parents are trying to laugh off the whole thing, I could sensed that they are troubled by the coming appointment.

Anyway, time passed by uneventfully and it's finally Monday. At the clinic, I was examined by the pediatrician and was given a clean bill of health. During the examination, the pediatrician was confounded that I was referred to see a specialist because according to the measurement he took of my head, it was still within conformance although it's on the high side. To make things fascinating, he mentioned that the possibility of having a big head is also genetically inherent. And the funny thing is he then started commenting on my Dad's head size and proceeds to measure my Dad's head to the astonishments of my Dad and Mum. My dad just stood there dumbfounded, while the pediatrician went about measuring my Dad's head and then commenting my Dad's head is bigger than the average person and that's very highly I got my big head from my Dad. LOL! In the meantime, Mum was trying very hard to contain her amusement and laughter.

Finally, the truth is out, my Dad's head is also big. Ha! And to think all these while he's been making fun of my head! LOL! You should see my Dad's face when the truth sets in, he was so embarrassed by the pediatrician's comments that my Dad's face turns a bright red with ears tingling red too. Ha! And best of all, on the trip home, Dad was teased by Mum all the way non-stop. I love you! Mummy!

Well, at least things are currently back to normal and my parents can sleep easily now that I'm certified healthy, although I think the teasing for my Dad are going to last for a few more days at least. Ha! Ciao!

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