Izaac's Updates

Izaac went for the 18th month assessment and the last injection. Izaac's weight is 11.1kg, height is 86cm. According to the nurse, he is a bit overweight but because of his height (he is taller), he is alright. Izaac loves to eat a lot, whenever we are eating, he would want to eat also. We are not sure when he is full.

He had started to say "No" to things he don't want or don't like. He is still very cheeky and it's hard to get angry with him when he flashes his cheeky smile.

He is not fully potty trained yet, though he is able to say he wanted to "do big business" he still does not "small business". He only tell us, "wet wet" after he wet his pants. Still figuring a way to toilet trained him. I guessed toilet training boys and toilet training girls did have a little different. ?

He is still as shy to strangers but when he is around with his sister, he is not that shy. He follows her around and imitated her. Well, that’s my little boy.

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