Izaac's tears

I am very much amazed by Izaac's ability to cry as he wish. And he's a much better 'crybaby' as compared to Amilie. 🙂

Amilie is a so much easier to handle kind of kid when she was about his age, probably because there wasn't any one around to snatch things with her.

Hehe, being a playful mummy sometimes, I do like to 'disturb' him.

Here's our little episode of snatching things.

1st he was happily holding the camera pouch and exploring the pouch.

Next I had a tug-of-war with him over the camera pouch. Which of course, the winner is clear! hehe

And the very next moment, the tears came flowing down. Haiz, that's our crybaby! keke

Boy, you have to be MAN a bit, ok? 😉

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7 comments on “Izaac's tears”

  1. Aiyoh, why wanna make little Izaac cry cry leh???
    My boy also likes to cry whenever he's not satisfied... *sigh* Hope the boys will not be cry babies when they grow up!!

  2. Angeleyes, my hubby keep telling Izaac that he is a boy and cannot be like cry baby. I sure hope that he would grow out of it soon. 😉

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