Izaac's stunts

Previously, in one of my post, I showed a clip on Izaac climbing out of the strapped pram, since he had been more stable walking, he like to climb thru any hole he see. Especially when we rested our leg on the table and created a hole for him to crawl. Haiz...

Izaac like people to carry him. Whenever he saw me, he would want me to carry. Whenever he gets grouchy, he wanted to be carry. When I told him to come down, he would cling on to me with his leg like clinging onto some pole...

Had always wanted to take a picture of it. And finally, hubby managed to snap some pictures of him, clinging onto my leg.
[singlepic id=1392 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Here's another picture of Amilie and Izaac having fun with PapaTang on his shoulders. One of their favourite games.
[singlepic id=1390 w=320 h=240 float=center]

They like to play with PapaTang. Amilie like to slide down (yes! slide!) PapaTang's leg and Izaac like to crawl over. Had turned PapaTang into a mini playground for them to play with.

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