Izaac's In Playgroup!

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Finally Izaac's started going to school. The first few days of school for Izaac wasn't as "peaceful" as Amilie's first day at school.

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Izaac was all well-dressed to go to school. He was excited about going to school and posing for me to take pictures of him, even in the lift.

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A lot of children cried on the first day of school and Izaac looked as though he was about to cry. He was a bit insecure to the new environment. While waiting for his turn to wash his hands, he looked scared to be standing there, with small children crying beside him.

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Even playing with the toys, he looked helplessly around, unsure what to do with the blocks. He sat there looking around, making sure that I was near him in the classroom.

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But he was fast in keeping the toys and he even remembered the song that the teacher sang when putting back the toys and sang it at home while putting back the toys.

Below are clips taken on his first day at Playgroup. He looked a bit stiff with the songs and dances and was at one point on the verge of tears and would only want to hold on me.

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2 comments on “Izaac's In Playgroup!”

  1. I really wonder how it would be like when its my boy's turn. I plan to send him to playschool in Jan. I think mine wont even realise I was not in the class!

  2. Haha! Then think you would have a good time bringing and filming your boy enjoying the class. My girl was like that when she started her playgroup.

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