Izaac's "Has"

Izaac's expressing through speech is slower than Amilie. Though I knew that it's normal that boy picks up the skills slower than a girl. I was a bit worried sometimes. Recently, he had started to express himself with "?" - Has/Got. He is more willing to speak up when we told him the food he want to eat.

Here's some of the conversation with him in mandarin.
Every time I see Izaac smiling at me and wearing some clothes that suits him, I would ask him whether he is handsome.
M: Is Izaac handsome boy?
I: "?"
M: Is Papa handsome?
I: "?"
M: Is Mummy Pretty?
I: "?"
M: Is Jiejie Pretty?
I: "?"
M: Jiejie?
I: ?? - Pretty
M: Mummy?
I: ?? - Pretty
M: Papa?
I: ?? - Pretty
M: Papa not pretty is handsome
I (quiet as he doesn't know how to pronounce)

He is also very observant and would be very persistent if he knows he is correct.
Every time when I reach home from work, the kids would be very happy showing me of the things they were doing at that moment.
Once, Izaac showed me a magazine (don't remember what magazine) and pointed out a picture of a baby.
I: Bar (Barney)
M: Barney?
I: Bar (Keep pointing excitedly to me)
M (only saw the baby in the picture): Barney? Where?
Maid: Baby
I: Bar, "?" (keep pointing as though correcting the maid)
I hold up the magazine and took a closer look, sure enough, at the corner of the background is the leg of Barney. keke He is really observant as we didn't notice that if he didn't pointed out to us.

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