Izaac's Birthday

On 14th June 2008, Izaac turned 2 years old. Luckily I didn't have to work that day and we could bring the kids out that day for some fun. We brought the kids to Vivocity for some water fun. We didn't stayed there long as we were being chased out by the management. However, we were able to capture some moments of the kids before we left.

After we left, we had actually wanted to get Ben & Jerry's Ice-cream cake for Izaac but didn't as Vivocity's doesn't have ready made ice-cream cake for sale. We decided to buy Swensen's ice-cream cake instead.

Here's the cake that we bought. Got the picture of the cars as Izaac like vehicles.

And here's the video we took while singing the birthday song.

And after that we cut the cake and enjoy the cake.

That's how we spent Izaac's birthday.

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