Izaac's 4th & 5th Day at Playgroup

Finally the last 2 days of the first week. Having the experience of mummy leaving the classroom without him, On the 3rd day, Izaac cried and quickly held on to me when it was about to go home. I had to assure him that I will be waiting outside the classroom for him.

On the 4th day, I decided not to go into the classroom with him and he cried from the moment he stepped into the classroom. Can see that he was unsure of what to do and he was insecure with the whole environment. As we could peeped through a tiny slid through the window, I stood there watching him standing there helplessly then after awhile heard him telling the teacher that he wanted his mummy.

Not sure how he found out of the small slid in the window, he stood at the window crying for me. It's quite pitiful seeing him standing there crying but I believed he would be okay after awhile. So on the 4th day, he left the classroom crying.


But on the 5th day, he left the class with smiling face. He still waved enthusiastically the moment he saw me.


Though he cried in class, he never once told me that he didn't want to go to school. He still liked school, it's just take time to get used to it.

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2 comments on “Izaac's 4th & 5th Day at Playgroup”

  1. haha first day is still alright for him. Next few days he will need to replenish a lot of water. 😉

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