Izaac's 2nd Day In Playgroup

For his 2nd Day at playgroup, I decided to accompany him for his lesson, (so I could take some pictures of him). He is still very shy, sitting quietly alone at the table and looking around instead of playing with the blocks which was placed in front of him. He kept looking up to ensure that I was in the class with him.
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The teacher divided the class into different groups for different activities. Izaac got to paint with his hands for the first time. He enjoyed the painting with his hands quietly and only changed color when the teacher told him to.
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After the painting and washing hands, Izaac’s group proceeded to play the toys at the mat. He didn’t really take any toys and only took one that was in front of him. He doesn’t mix around with the other boys in the class too. He sat there quietly as another boy approaching him though.
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After 2 hours, it was time to go home. The teacher let them hold each other shoulders and go round the classroom making “choo-choo” sound, like the train. Next they queued up behind the door, preparing to go home. The teacher asked the parents to go out of the classroom to wait for the kids.

And this is what Izaac’s reaction when the door opened. keke

He was crying away. Later that afternoon, I asked him why he cried, he told me because I went outside. He didn’t want me to be outside.

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