Izaac Unwell Again

Recently, Izaac had been coughing a lot. We could hear the phlegm in the throat. Yesterday afternoon, he woke up from his nap feeling uncomfortable and vomited after crying for a long time.

Think there is too much phlegm already. He had been very grumpy recently, probably due to his coughing and cold.

This morning, we brought him to see the doctor near our house and he had to refrain from eating fruits, sweets and drinking honey and barley water. That's what the doctor say.

After taking the medicine, the little boy is still grumpy (probably feeling sleepy). He is still coughing away and I hope that he would be able to recover soon.

Oh, PapaTang is also not feeling well. Haiz... just hope that everyone in the family would be well.

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2 comments on “Izaac Unwell Again”

  1. Normally after taking the medi, it will take about 1 to 2 weeks to recover depending on the child body reactions

    aiyo..poor Izzac..get well soon alright..

  2. Hope Izaac & Daddy will fully recover soon. My doc also says that must refrain from fried food and cold drinks. Z also just recover after a week.

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