Izaac Having Fever

One week after injection, think Izaac's started to feel feverish already. He was having 37.9. But he was still as active as ever.

As he is still as energetic as always, we decided to observe him for a day before bringing him to see doctor. However, we did sponge him a bit and did use the cooling pad for him. I was surprised that he didn't cried when we put the cooling pad on his forehead.

He even let me took some pictures of him. Would upload the pictures much later. 🙂

This morning, he was still feverish. When I left for work, he was still crying away, wanting to follow me. Hopefully that he is feeling better tomorrow.

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3 comments on “Izaac Having Fever”

  1. Thanks LZmommy, he had recovered already. Even more active and mischievous as before. 🙂

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