I am 1 Year Old!!

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Today I turn 1 year old!! Yippee!!! I am 1 year older already. As jiejie did not celebrate her one year old birthday, for fairness, mummy said that I would not have any celebration too. Hehe but I don't mind at all. I still have new clothings and shoes for my birthday. Also got red packets. Hehe.

Although there was no birthday celebration, mummy still let me wear new clothings. See how handsome I looked. Heehee. 😉
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Though I got to wear new clothings, but there is something which I don't understand, mummy lined up some items on the floor and asked me to choose among the things. Hah! Don't understand what the adults are doing. So enthusiastic to see what I chose. Ok. Since they are so enthusiastic, I would show them my newly learnt skill; walking to the item.
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Here's the clip that daddy shot. Guess what I chose. Hehee 🙂


That's how I spent my 1 year old birthday. 😀

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3 comments on “I am 1 Year Old!!”

  1. Happy belated Birthday to Izaac!

    So cute! Hahaha.... He chose the calculator and that means next time he will have lots of money, he needs a calculator to help him.

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