Hot Baby

Today went shopping with Amilie. Bought a pair of shoes for her. Abit regret buying that now, find the shoes fanciful and not sure whether would it suit any outfits. Haiz.. bought the shoes on impulse. Thinking that I wouldn't be shopping for CNY clothes after today. Shouldn't have went out today. Was still feeling sleepy when I stepped out of the house.

Woke up at 2am by Izaac's loud cry. Fed him milk but he din finish. I was so sleepy that I fell asleep before him. Luckily Papa Tang was around. Heard that Izaac slept after Papa Tang on the aircon. Haiz... since birth, Izaac's alwiz sleeping in a 'cool' environment, otherwise he wouldn't sleep. Think he is really 'scared of heat' huh?

Not only was he 'afraid of hot', his temper is also very hot! Once, when Amilie was trying to kiss him (he doesn't really like people to hold his head), he was so angry that he shouted out & shocked Amilie and me. Another time, he was sitting at the stroller, he wanted to get up of the stroller, he shaked the stroller so hard that it feels like it would topple down anytime. He alwiz like to cry & scream when he is unhappy or when he wanted to be carried. He is impatient.

Recently started thinking what can I do to simmer his fiery temper. Wonder whether is it due to his chinese name where there is too much 'fire' for him. (Yah, I do believe in Feng Shui). His chinese name, Xue Yang chosen by my mum, its means to learn (Xue) to be as bright as the sun (Yang). Well, was thinking whether he got the temper as the sun too. But I do like the name alot, so I think I would not be changing another for him (and also there would be some fees too).

Xue Yang - also hopes that he would "Xue Yi Zhi Yong, Yang Xing Tian Zhu" meaning whatever he learn & do (good things) heaven would help him. He would be able to achieved in everything. Guess that's what most parents would hope for their kids bah?

Maybe I could try to find somethings for him to wear to 'cool' his temper. Any suggestions?

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