He Follows Her

Recently, Izaac and Amilie are on more good terms, Izaac would follow Amilie around and imitating her actions too. They seems to communicating more, though sometimes it seems that only both of them what each are talking about. And they like to do things together too.

When Amilie is afraid to be going alone into the living room (when on ones is in the living room), she would ask Izaac to accompany her. And they would hold hands and went to the living room together to get what she wanted. Izaac sometimes would ask Amilie to accompany him too.

Here's another incident they did together, Izaac brought the Alphabets Mat to the room and Amilie lied down there wanted to show me and Izaac followed Amilie. Seeing them so happy together, I decided to bring out the camera and took some pictures of them.

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