Haircut changes look

In my previous post, I was talking about how amazed I was everytime when Izaac changed his look.

Here's the haircut Izaac had since he was born till now. hehe
Before his 1st month haircut, he look very much 'ang moh'

After his 1st shaving, he look round and 'fierce'

His hair didn't grow proportionally and really regretted shaving his hair at that time.

We laughed at his '10 brothers' hairstyle

Finally his hair grow longer

And I trimmed his long fringe and make him look so much like a girl 😉

Finally, I brought him to his haircut and he got his 'bad boy' look

This time his hair didn't grow unproportionally. phew

And it grew that long still with the 'bad boy' look

Finally, cut his sideburn and he got a 'boyish' look.

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