Botak Botak


I can't believed it! Yesterday, I was dressed up nicely to Singapore Discovery Centre & this morning, mummy brought me to the salon and had my head shaved!

Weeks before my birthday, mummy had been telling everyone that she will be bringing me to shave my hair after my 1st birthday. 1st weekend after my birthday, my hair is still safe and sound. 2nd Saturday, which was yesterday, we went to Singapore Discovery Centre. (Post of yesterday's outings would be posted after mummy uploaded the pictures - which might take ages to do)
I had thought that mummy had decided to spare my nice hair and wasn't on guard when she brought me to the salon.

Mummy was discussing with the lady in the salon about my hair and then carrying me, mummy sat on the chair. The lady actually wanted to cover our body with a piece of cloth but I am uncomfortable about it. Then I was attracted to a buzzing sound but the adults keep trying to distract me from the buzzing sound.

Anyway, after some buzzing, alas! I saw myself in the mirror. Waawaa!! I have become a monk and mummy still tell daddy that I look like a skinny monkey!

Luckily after that daddy & mummy both agreed that I look nice in my new hairstyle. What do you think?
[singlepic id=1298 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Haiz... think I have to bear with the nickname "Botak" till my hair grow longer. Sob Sob!

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7 comments on “Botak Botak”

  1. not so botak la... still got lil hair ... cute, but sometime i realize kids with botak, there will look more naughty ... (naughty look).

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