Biting Izaac

Not sure how to stop this though.

I realised that Izaac had the habit of pinching us and biting us also. Not sure where he learnt from also cos we (PapaTang & I) don't pinch or bite in front of the kids.

He like to pinch us on the thighs, think that's the most flashy part. Hmm.. I wonder where he learnt from though. I would try to divert his attention by telling him to sayang us instead of pinching us. And it work just now, hope it would work and change his pinching habit.

I saw that he would bite when we carried him when he doesn't want to be carried. And if I managed to 'escaped' from his teeth (he bites very hard) , he would put his hands in his mouth. I hope he grow out of it soon.

Wonder is it part of the growing up phase but I remembered Amilie doesn't have these habits though? And wonder are there any where to change his bad habits, any mummies have any ideas?

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4 comments on “Biting Izaac”

  1. its part of growing up. my boy used to hit hubby and me on any part of our faces. had a split lips after he hit me with his toys..but they r only kids, they didnt know its painful and wrong..just gotta keep on telling him lor, wat to do

    wow! That's a bit scary! I hope that he would grow out of it soon.

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