I always liked to watch kids shows on TV since young till now. Recently I love watching Barney. 🙂 I may be a mother of 2 (I am still young! mind you :-P) but I love to watch Barney with Amilie. 🙂

Recently had been trying to get a Barney soft toy for her but think I have been looking at the wrong places.

So what's so special about this purple dinosaur?

Hah! I love to see Amilie's engrossed face when she was watching the Barney's songs.
Love to see her dance and hear her sing along with Barney & friends though I wasn't sure what she was singing. 😛

I love it especially when Amilie sang 'I luf you' and she went around giving everyone a big strong hug. Even the display beside the TV got a hug! keke

Think I should give some credits to the show for letting my girl know how to say 'I luf You' and everytime she sings that, she would start hugging everybody at home (but Izaac would push away keke cause it seems like strangling him keke).

Well, think I should try looking for the Barney soft toys at the right places, yeah? 🙂

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5 comments on “Barney”

  1. I used to hate this purple dino but now i love it too...cos Damien loves it! Hee, how our kids can influence us huh! I like it when he sings the 'i luf you, you luf me' song too... 🙂 Think you can get the soft toy from Kiddy Palace too!

  2. I do not like this purple dino before I had Ethyl...even now, I don't really like, but she likes!

    Overall the program is pretty good, and I like the songs and dance. Best of all, all kids knows that "I Luf U"!!!

    u may try kiddy palace, toys R us, kids mall...they have this dino 🙂

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