All About Izaac

This post is all about Izaac. Well, Izaac is 3 years and 10 months now and he is waiting anxiously to celebrate his birthday in June. Today, he just asked me when is his birthday coming. Waiting for his birthday present. At one time, he is requesting for a scooter and the next time he is requesting for a computer.

He is mixing well in class and had been telling me that he likes Chloe. keke Initially, it's Kerry but not sure why he change his good friend to Chloe. Unlike the first week he went to the new school, where he will be crying for me. Anytime the teacher teaches him a new song, he will come back and sing to me. Especially when Amilie shared her stories.

Izaac loves driving. Think boys will be boys and he sure enjoyed sitting in the aeroplane during the Airshow.
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Izaac's also started on Music Wonderland in Yamaha and I can see that he enjoys it a lot. And he dared to sing out loud when the teacher told him to do so.

Almost every time we go out, Izaac made sure that he is wearing the same T-Shirt as Papa Tang. I bought the same design of Jeep T-Shirts for both of them and Izaac loved the T-shirts. Once, he even changed out of the T-shirt to be the same as Papa Tang before going out.
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The boy is always up to mischief, disturbing Amilie with a "ghost" or "monster".
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Oh, and Izaac wants to be a fireman when he grows up.

Well, that's all about Izaac for now.
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