7 Stiches For Izaac

It's Friday! And a public holiday! It was a relaxing day where we don't have to work. But something happened before we were about to get our lunch.

Izaac knocked against the corner of the wall while running to the kitchen to look for our maid.

We got a shock when we see Izaac's face full of blood. The first thought was to bring him to the hospital immediately. I cleaned up Izaac's one side of the face, which was covered with blood while Papa Tang changed his clothes. And luckily the blood did manage to stop before we went to the hospital. However the wound was deep.

Izaac showed us where he had knocked himself causing such a big cut.
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Next we got some gauze and bandage for Izaac before we got to the hospital. Here's Izaac with the gauze while on the way to the hospital. He is smiling away although he say his head is painful.
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We waited for a while at the registration and during the registration, the nurse say Izaac's hair is long and might not need to stitch if the wound is not too deep. However, we were told that he should not take any food or drink in case that sedation is needed. After the registration, we need not wait too long to see the doctor. When the doctor examined the wound, we were told that the wound is too deep and a stitch is required to close up the wound. We were told that they will apply the skin numbing cream to the head and Izaac will not feel the pain while the doctor is doing the stitches. He told us that the wound would need at least 4 stitches.

We waited for our turn to apply the cream to the wound as we were told that another patient just applied the cream also and he/she will be doing the stitch first and since there is only one room to do the stitches, we will have to wait for few more minutes.

While waiting to apply the cream, I took a look at the wound. It was deep.
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After which, the nurses applied the cream at the wound and bandaged his head to prevent the gauze from falling off. We had to wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes for the numbness to take effect.
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While waiting in the waiting area, we told Izaac to be a brave boy. And when it was his turn for the stitch, he did not cry. The nurse was great to be chatting with Izaac to distract him.

After the doctor finished with the stitches, we were told that he was stitched with 7 dis-solvable stitches. No need to remove the stitches.

We were told to observed him for the next 3 days for symptoms of in head injury. However, after reaching home, Izaac is back to his usual self and we had to remind him to take care of his stitch and not to run around the house. 🙂

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3 comments on “7 Stiches For Izaac”

  1. It must be painful on Izaac's head and the parents must feel so heart pain for him. Hope Izaac will recover soon. 🙂

  2. Izaac is already jumping up and down already. And its we who are worried that he would hit on his stitch though.

    The 3 kids are fine.. still fighting away.

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