Hah! If someone were to tell me baby can't fight before Izaac came along, I would have agreed totally. But now, haiz.... absolutely disagree. Well, recently, my boy has been fighting with his sis. They snatched things from each other. Though most of the time Amilie won (Cos she can run away) but I got a feeling when Izaac do know how to walk. I am going to have a hard time.

1) Fight for attention: Amilie resting on Papa's leg. Izaac crawled to Papa. Amilie pushed Izaac away. And the pushing begin...

2) Fight for things: Izaac holding onto a toy, Amilie snatched from him. Izaac holding tightly (He is strong!).Amilie tried to snatch again. Shouting from both little Tangs. Amilie ran off with her prize. Izaac's crying away.

3) Fight for seat: Wanted to let Izaac to sit on the pram while we can do things. Amilie purposely climb up to the pram so Izaac had to sit another smaller stroller.

4) Izaac lying on the bed, Amilie also want to lie down beside him. Izaac pushed her away. Pushing begins. Pushing not enough. Kicking's next...

I guessed there will be more in the future. And that's what siblings rivalry are about huh?


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  1. By then, it will be fair fight will then have to pry them apart whenever they fight....I do that everyday, trust me! kekekekek

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