When Amilie wants to eat certain thing:
"Girl Girl yao mam mam"
"Girl Girl Aoi Sek" (Want to eat in Mandarin & Cantonese)

When Amilie don't want to bathe:
"wo bu yao chong liang" (I don't want to bathe in Mandarin)

When Amilie 'doing business' in her diapers. (Hard time toilet trained her 😉 ) and we wanted to clean her after that:
"moi!" (Don't want in Cantonese)

When I want to bathe:
"Mummy, bu yao chong liang" (holding onto my leg at the same time 😀 )

When MIL wanted to carry didi:
"moi pou, moi pou didi" (Don't carry in Cantonese)

When didi tries to come down from the bed
"Boi Boi, no! fall down ah!"
Pushing didi into the center of the bed at the same time.

Recently heard her commenting on her photos:
"Girl Girl, hen cute." (Girl girl very cute) keke

She knows how to differentiate MacDonald & KFC
M (Pointing to a KFC coupon) : MacDonald?
A: bu shi MacDonald. KFC ah. (Not MacDonald, KFC)

This morning she was reading a book.
She pointed a picture of a nose & tell me its a ear
[singlepic id=1494 w=320 h=240 float=center]

M: This is not a ear, it's a nose.
A (looking at me strangely) : Ear
M: Not ear, a nose
A (puzzled): Ear
M (turning to the page on ear) : This is a ear (Pointing to the picture of the ear)
A (turning back to the nose & then to the ear & back to the nose): Nose
Finally! Think the only conclusion is that the nose and the ear look somewhat similar.keke

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8 comments on “WANTs & NOs”

  1. Your gal so adorable. The way she speaks and express herself. I like to hear young children esp tot speaking in dialect.. somehow, it's much warmer 🙂

  2. Aiyo, so cute! She can speak Cantonese!! That's the language we've been trying to teach Damien...but failed cos hubby's cantonese is worse than half pass six haha.. 😛

  3. Cos she is being brought up by my MIL who stays with us. So its easy for her to learn Cantonese. 🙂
    Hehe I don't how to speak Cantonese... She's better than me.

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