Thoughtful Amilie

I brought Amilie out to a Housewarming. And I was having diarrhea at that time and I had a very bad stomach ache on the way there. My friends had to help me find the ladies every time I was having a bad stomach ache.

I was having bad tummy ache on the way home too. It was very painful that I had to call my friends drove faster. Amilie heard that I had having tummy ache and she ask me.

A: Mummy, stomach ache ah?
A: Why stomach ache
A: Faster Faster (Asked my friend to drove faster)

And she touched my forehead gently. It felt so sweet of her doing that.

P.S. Note that the conversations are in Mandarin.

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4 comments on “Thoughtful Amilie”

  1. Oh I see! 🙂

    I believed Jae would be as sweet too. And maybe would be showing TLC soon. 😉

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