Sweet Amilie

Here's what Amilie did that I think is sweet. 🙂

PapaTang was having slight fever and Amilie (probably heard from MIL) went to our room. Put her hand on his head and say, "Hot, hot"

PapaTang told her he was sick and asked her to sayang her. And she really did sayang him. And kissed him. That's so sweet of her. Hehe!

At night, while getting ready for bed, Amilie wanted to sleep with us, (when hubby's working at night, Amilie would chose to sleep with me), and when we told her there's no space on the bed, here's what she say, "Papa sick, Girl Girl sleep on the floor" What she meant is that she would sleep on the floor instead of PapaTang as he is sick.

That's so sweet of her.

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5 comments on “Sweet Amilie”

  1. Haha! Thanks everyone! I'm well on my way to recovery and all thanks to Amilie and of course my wife too! 🙂

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