Remote Controllers

Do you have problems finding remote controllers now & then? Well, we had! I am not sure what's so captivating about the remote controllers for the 2 little Tangs at home.

Few months back, Izaac always put them in his mouth when he got hold of any one as though they were some delicacy. Recently, he had advanced to playing with the buttons & scurried off whenever he pressed the wrong button.

Amilie always like to take the remote controller and left it somewhere in the house. She had left it her toy pram, in our bags, in her bag. And always had us searching for it.

Just few nights ago, she did it again! 😮

As usual, we on our aircon to cool our room. Watched some tv, played with the kids before going to sleep. Finally time for bed. We did not off the aircon and in the middle of the night, hubby woke me up in search of the aircon's remote controller.

We searched the whole room, living room, Amilie's usual hiding spot for the remote control. But we couldn't find it. So in the end, we had to cover ourselves with blanket from head to toe and waited till morning to find the controller.

Next morning, received a call from hubby. (I was at work) He told me he finally managed to find it and the funny thing is, he found it in the drawer beside our bed out of all places. 😀

After that incident, we would keep a look out for remote control just in case it go missing again. Probably we should find some devices for us to trace our controllers, yeah?

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7 comments on “Remote Controllers”

  1. heehee......brings back some memories as I was reading your post. Rayner broke 2 remote controls when he was younger. Always threw them on the floor thus break it. Since then, we keep all our remote controls some place the kids cannot reach....kekekek

    Only recently we put them out, so now I can ask Rayner to bring me the remote control or switch the TV on for me.....heehee

  2. jo doesn't hide remote control, but he did break them all the remote controls in my house are not completed in look

  3. haha! Izaac do like to throw remote controllers too! oh! so I must be very very careful to not have it incomplete. hehe. 🙂

  4. Like what Jan said, it brought bk memories 🙂 Hahaha.... Now they have the control within reach, so that when I ask them to turn on TV or aircon, they can do it themselves.

  5. Yeah...wonder why kids love to play with remote control so much huh? My Damien always hide the remote controls at mum's place...

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